Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Japan: Tokyo day 7&8

Well as I get more busy the less time I have to get the updates up so im going to be doubling and tripling upon these.
To get caught up here, we have been moving around a lot, picking up things for the shoots and seeing a bit of sights but not too much.

The shoots have been taking up a lot of the time which is really why we are here to begin with.

I did have a meeting with Akari who will be modeling tomorrow and Chiaki joined for lunch.

I am very excited for Akari's shoot. She has made up her own ghost...wait and see!.

I was able to find a good photo shop in Shinjuku since I am already running low on instant film.

And then there was this guy....????I do love it here!

And Udon Lunches are the bomb!

Before I show a few more light test shots sneak peeks, I have to mention the Japan world cup day. I was very pleased and honored to be here for it and being invited to Chiaki's house to watch. I met so many super cool guys and ladies there.

There was home cooking and beer and wine and then some! I had such a blast and felt so at home with them, only I didnt understand a lot of what they said..I do love being forced to try to recognize words and phrases and tones of a language I do not know.

There were a lot of laughs and an all in all great time!

After a fantastic night, a super tight and well fought game, the sad news was that Japan lost from a missed penalty kick. It was a very emotional loss and I felt the pain of such a hard battle.

I then made my drunken way home in the rain. It was a beautiful and spooky walk.

And soo, here are just a few of the newest images....spooky shit baby!

Yasha has been so busy trying to run her gallery from Japan so no entry this time..but she did take pic and here is her dog of the day

Big love from Japan xoxoxoxoxoxo David and Yasha

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