Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art Fair Cologne 2012-Stoupakis collaboratins Berlin

Another year has gone by and it is that time of year again to head off to Germany for a few exhibits. I will be returning to Art Fair in Cologne with Strychnin/Yasha Young Gallery for an installation I am calling "Kingdom Of Spirits". It is an ongoing collection of works I have been working on for the past 2 years. Most of the images are of my niece, Carly, who I have been photographing for several years. The narrative has been about memory for the most part. I have been revisiting places I have grown up around as Carly traversed through forests and paths I would play in as a child. As well as my install in Cologne, I will be traveling to Berlin for an exhibition I am having in collaboration with artist David Stoupakis. Stoupakis and I have become close friends over the past five years and have been waiting to have the chance to create a body of work in which we collaborate on every piece. Well, Strychnin Gallery has offered us the venue and for the past year we have been preparing a body of work which we are titling "Requiem:Caretakers of the garden of the Stars". These paintings are a collections of characters that one may encounter while traveling through the realm of Purgatory. It is an homage to the Requiem by Mozart, Dante's Purgatory and to the loved ones who have passed on. We will both be installing the show in Germany which opens the 9th of November at Strychnin. If you are in the area or know anyone who may be interested in seeing this, please pass on the info. This is a rare opportunity to see this collaboration between the two of us.