Thursday, June 24, 2010

Japan: Tokyo day 3

Thanks to the world cup I was able to stay up late and beat the jet lag! We woke up at a reasonable 8:30 and found a beautiful day waiting for us. First let me show you some shots of our apartment.
I sleep here in the living room on a futon and watch the FIFA on our flat screen.

Yasha has got nice private quarters fit for a, well, a queen.

The balcony is great for a smoke and take in the sunrise and sunset.

The kitchen is super cute and equipped with all we need from rice cooker to coffee maker and then some.

For the past couple of mornings I have been preparing eel omelettes to get our energy up for the long walks ahead.

Today we made our way to Shibuya to meet up with Rie who will be modeling for me this Tuesday. First we walked around a bunch to check out the area with all its shops and places to eat.

And if you want some puffer fish, this is the place.

The malls are filled with funny little clothing shops for your cosplay, forest girl and hip hop super cool fun times with the girls screaming irasshaimase! in super high pitched voices.

We met Rie at the doggie sculpture at the Shibuya station. She took us to a sushi conveyor belt joint for yummy fish and beer.

She then took us over to Harajuku to look for some fabric for the shoots.

We met up with her buddy(his name I forgot) who knew a perfect shop to find old kimonos and we scored a nice all white one for my ghosts. It was a looong day full of great conversations and finds. Now its rest up time, make spagetti and watch Japan in the world cup. See you tomorrow!!-David

Another day of beautiful weather in Japan - we are blessed. It should be rainy season but we have been lucky - which is very good for scouting parks and locations for the shoots.

Today took us to Shibuya and Harajuku.

We met with Rie our second beautiful model and she was wonderful and amazing. She took us to a little Sushi place where in order to enter we had to agree to have 7 little dishes - i gave up after 4 David managed to eat all 7 and a beer ;-)

Than our wonderful guide and model led way to a very special little street in Shibuya known for being THE hangout place for the high school kids and "Harajuku Lovers". Store after store filled with costumes of comic characters, fake eyelashes, neon colored backpacks, Lolita dresses and tiny miniature top hats for prices that made me think I should start import- and exporting those things to the US i'd be a millionaire and finally a dog clothing store to match your bumblebee clad owner.

It reminded me of St.Marks in the early 80's and Camden town around the same time. A little cheesy, a little weird but a LOT of fun and creativity.

We bought spiderweb eyelashes for the girls and left to meet yet another friend and helper for this shoot " the stylist " We will get his name because we forgot and he is coming for the shoot on Tuesday. He knew of our search for a white Kimono and so he led us to a store called " Chicago" where we found vintage Kimonos and all the accessories needed to make it look authentic and stick with the white ghost theme of the Obake. As you can see David was so excited that upon our return home he could not resist but had to play dress up - I made him serve tea immediately ;-)!!
xoxoxox Yasha

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  1. So excited to hear of this new departure for David's work. How supportive of you Yasha to go there and set this all up!!! You are something else, girl! Now that's an involved gallery owner.

    And, geez, David in a Kimono. That's just too much.