Sunday, June 27, 2010

Japan: Tokyo day 6

Sorry for skipping a day but it gets a bit rough to keep up the blog daily with such full days...and nights!

Yesterday I met with Kieko who will be shooting with me this week as well as doing her best to get to Kyoto with us. She is fantastic and sweet. Our meeting got pushed to later in the afternoon so I skipped lunch and by the time we got together I had no food in my belly so the couple of beers we had went right to my head. I am sorry to not have pics of her yet but they are coming.
So we parted and I went back to the apartment to pick up Yasha and meet up with Minoka, who I got connected with through my buddy Teru in NYC. She is a sweet, young thing who kindly showed us a great time for which we are very appreciative.

She took us to a fantastic fish joint and we filled our bellies to the limit with fishes of all sorts, shell fish, sake and topped it off with noodles. A perfect meal..I was sooo happy to have finally have a taste of sashimi here in Japan.

After a quick stop at some "banker pick up yuppie" bar we hopped in a cab to a night club in Shibuya. Now, this is not really my cup of tea but when visiting, you just load up on the booze and dance! so We did...many drinks later we got a cab back to our station, got lost for 5 minutes and then found our way home... I stayed up with a few more beers and watch the USA loose their place to advance in the world cup..its all good, we dont deserve it...just yet!

sooo after a lot of water and a slow start to the next day, we got the place ready for the first shoot of the project.

Rie arrived with Teruyuki Hirabayashi:makeup artist


Kaho Shusaku :stylist,

and Yuka:perfomance artist(who will be returning tomorrow to sit for a shoot!)

Here are a few sneak peeks of the lighting tests from the shoot.

I am very happy with the results. A good night. England shit the bed and Germany took them 4-1 in tonights game of the World Cup..

So we missed one day in preparation of this shoot and the evening meeting with our translator girl Minoka.
The evening started out with a very tired David - the World Cup is taking a toll on his sleep pattern but hardcore as he is he will hold on and
stay awake until the very last game - the occasional "yeay" "uuuhhh f-----"" go you Mother----" and "damn right DAMN RIGHT" keeps waking me
from peaceful slumber but at least this way I wake informed ;-)

We met Mino in Roppongi and she took us to a super special insider sushi place - where we realized that beer on tap means go and ask your personal beer robot to make you that perfect pint !

But it kept getting better - you can smoke in the restaurants which for me was hell after just quitting but heaven for David and Mino. She ordered food for us and it was the most amazing medley of huge sea snail, squid gut, flying fish, sashimi, crab tummy, oysters and fermented tofu. I know it sounds beyond the imaginable but it ALL tasted delicious.

Than we proceeded to TRUMP - at the moment Tokyo's hot underground night spot and without knowing how we ended up surrounded by plush and golden mirrors, chandeliers, stuffed animal heads

Drinks for $20 and DJ's that are worshiped by their crowd. It didn't take long and Hochbaum owned the dance floor while sipping on Shiso Leaf Sake on ice.

Yet after a techno remix of "Everybody Dance Now" I felt old and decided it was time for us to leave ;-) - of course not before David was crowned king of the night and adorned with one of the stickers indicated he was worthy and fashionable enough to be feature on this very special trend spotter site !! The hits just keep on coming hahahahha........

Tired and slightly lost in Tokyo we finally found our way home where we didn't get any rest as the game was on at 3.35 in the am - how i was experiencing it ...see above....! However I did not SMOKE not one cigarette !

The morning came and we had a whole day of cleaning and prepping the house for our first studio shoot ahead of us - improvisation is key and we also learned models do not come alone - they bring
artist friends and co - models
make up artist

now you do the math all of that and a little studio on 42sqm ;-) !!! But nothing that a few beer and some sake in funny looking tetra packs can't fix as Hochbaum would say

- so there is no stopping us!! The days of shooting OBAKE stories have begun !!!

xoxoxox Yasha

PS: while on beer run I met a new furry friend ;-)

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  1. Really enjoying the recap of your exploits and meals! Keep it up :D ":-|