Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well after a year and 4 months, I guess it is time to add to this blog. I am just so bad at keeping up with this. I wish to be better at it.

Anyhooooooo, in the year after returning from Japan, many many things have happened. I spent this time working on the Japanese ghost project, which came to be titled "Kaidan Shu:tales of mist and wind" The show opened in Berlin in June 2011. The journey was amazing, with the help of many amazing people, a list sooo long.
The unfortunate earthquake in Japan added a tragic tone to a place I was just starting to learn about and become attached to. The gallery and I decided to make a relief fund during the show, giving a percentage of all sales to help relief efforts in Japan.
We managed to raise much more than I would be able to give not having the show.
The entire show is on view on my Flickr account
I am going to try, really try to post more often, there is so much going on which I would like to share.

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