Friday, July 9, 2010

Japan: Tokyo day 14

Slowly recovering from bad food poisoning. But plugging along here. I had a shoot with the beautiful and charming Fujiko. She surprised me with a makeup artist, hair stylist, and clothing stylist..not only did this make my job more easy, but it added such a nice new level to the image and I made some new friends.

Nasu, she did the clothing.

Susu did the makeup and Aoki did the hair.

Each one of these cats are so talented in their field, I am so lucky to have had them participate in the shoot.

The character who Fujiko posed as is a rendition of the Yurie whose mouth was slit by a jealous husband who did not want his wife desired by other men. Still wanting to be beautiful, she made herself up with lipstick but could never conceal the wounds inflicted upon her. My works will range from loose to literal translations of the traditional tales. As I shoot, Fujiko kept adding more and more makeup as if demented and driven mad by the actions upon her once flawless mouth. hehehe. this is so fun
Here is a light test of the shoot.

We ahd so much fun together we decided to throw a party here at the apt. for the world cup final. Fujiko, being half Korean, will prepare a Korean style dish with authentic homemade kimchee dinner. The game starts at 3am so we start around 11..should be fun!

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