Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Japan: Nagoya & Kyoto day 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13

Well the last week has seemed to fly by. Ill try to sum it up in words as quick as I can.
First off, I found myself on a bullet train to Nagoya to see my sweet Juliet's cousin, Takahiro.

I met him once in NY when he visited.he was to take me to Noma, a small beach town about an hour outside the city. But before that, we had to spend the night at his place in Nagoya and make no error, we had to go out to eat!

We met up with his lovely girlfriend and dined!

We then had to hurry home to catch the world cup.

The next day, despite the weather, we made our way to Noma.

There were a few choice place we made for photo ops,

but the highlight was, of course, the food!!!

Well, the weather was a bust, but we had a super fun day, stopped at the shrimp chip factory for snacks

and made it home in time to watch the amazing win of the Dutch! The final game is gonna be a doooozey!

The next day I hopped on another bullet train to Kyoto.

I had a few quick sights before I settled into my hotel.

After I dropped off my goods met up with my friends from Osaka, Maiko and Chika. We strolled about the Gion district

I spotted a genuine Geiko but did not want to disturb her with bothersome photos.

We ate ramen

and strolled down the river

and then met up with Brian who showed us a nice rock and roll dive bar.

After a good buzz and good conversation, I found my way back to my hotel and passed out.

I woke in the middle of the night with some chills, possibly too much drink?? or something else??

Well anyhoo, the next morn I got on a bike and did a little tour of the city with my camera. Saw some great temples and shrines.

I parked the bike, got on a train, and found myself going through tunnels and into the hills.

I then found more temples and a beautiful bamboo pathway to stroll in an area on the East end by the hills.

Back on the bike and back to the hotel..

Well after all that grand fun times, it all hit me. The next 2 days I found myself alone and bedridden with cold towels on my head and fever dreams which kept me clear from a true sense of reality.

To be fair, I was not alone in the fact that I was getting emails from friends close enough to help if I felt it got too bad.
Well I did miss out on my last day and half in Kyoto but after all it is their Gion festival this month to drive away pestilence, so I left.

Im back in Tokyo, I am gettin better after some pills that Keiko picked up for me

and a much more comfortable bed.
I resume shooting today at 5 with check back for those images..tomorrow.

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