Friday, June 5, 2009

Holly Miranda

Sometimes you meet someone who you just feel a certain attraction to, to their energy, to their humor, and you get to know them and discover how special and talented they are. I met Holly about 5 years ago when she would frequent the bar I work at called Hifi here in downtown Manhattan. I got to learning that she was a musician and fronted a band called The Jealous Girlfriends. I began going to their shows cause I knew I would be in store for a night of good music and drinks and I did love to heckle them. All in good fun of course. Anyhow, over the years I developed, what I like to think of, as a special relationship with this lady. the only problem being that I found every time we hung out, I needed a few days to recover. But always worth it, cause I cant compare or really want to have to explain her. She has a very natural and passionate need to express herself in music and I keep loving what she does. Now she no longer plays with The Jealous Girlfriends and writes and preforms her own music which for years, I've heard her play on her guitar, or Casio when id visit or on CD comps that she would gift me with from time to time. She seems to always be writing new ditties. I cant tell you how happy I am that her concentration has gone to focus on these songs and that she was able to gather a band together to preform them live. I am not going to try to explain her music cause it needs to be listened to without having to be compared or stripped down to references. I am bias, I know because I know her, I know how awesome of a friend she is so the beauty of her music is just amplified by that, I am lucky in that way. Although I am quite sure I would still be moved by her songs If I had not, but I sure am glad she is in my life. If you do get the chance to see Holly Miranda play live, you ought ta. I will be having a preview of my next exhibit for Berlin here in New York. During this preview salon, Holly and her magnificent band will play an acoustic set for us. This will hopefully be in Sept. and I will be spreading the word on that closer to the date.

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