Saturday, June 6, 2009

black and white

i recently have found myself caught in between wanting to create large scale,mixed media, muted palette, white wash pieces and black and white,dark, mostly photographic works. I dont have any problem with this except concern over weather or not the works look good together or make any cohesive sense to one another. My buddy Mark tells me I need to work through it, and to not treat them with the same approach or technique. I agree but also want somehow to integrate the two. I anticipate some conclusion to my confusion, I just kinda need to be venting this out.quack


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  1. i am going to pretend we are in a salon in your studio...For me, in this grouping anyhow....the large scale piece works with the b/w because it reminds me so much of hand tinted photographs--the muted tones help me with this connection/idea (but maybe the newer resin piece you just did may not??--perhaps maybe too much POP or color to be reminiscent of a hand tint job) The bw photos u use in both types of works --they are a unifying link between the 2 styles. therefore,i think there is coherence.
    Plunge forward and quack some more!