Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Critique Salon

At the beginning of this year, I started to host artist's critiques at my studio. I invite about 10 or 11 people to come by, bring some work in progress, of finished works, and have an informal discussion about their process, ideas and whatnot. They have proved to be insightful, fun gatherings of some pretty swell and talented folks. Its nice to hear fresh perspective from peers and build relationships through dialogue, sharing of ideas and criticism. And at times, when all the artsy fartsy talk is done with, it degenerates into just a bunch of people drinking and smoking and being goofballs. I come for the after party myself. Ok thats the gist of it...I am having another salon this Sunday the 7th of June so if anyone sees this before hand, you are invited, I just need a RSVP to keep a tally on who is coming and if there is room. Otherwise, if you would like to be on the invite list for these gatherings, please just drop me a line at requesting it, and ill add you on. Cheers!

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