Thursday, May 14, 2009

Charlie Brouwer

Well I figure the best first post for my new blog would be to show this amazing artist I cam e across while searching through different installations of the Tower of Babel. I was trying to see some different interpretations of the tower since I am to be constructing one out of handmade tiny houses in Cologne, Germany in November this year. It should be about 10 feet high and 8 feet round. What I found during my browse were these amazing ladder sculptures and installations. Now, I have been obsessed with ladders for the past, oh I'd say, 8 years. I even constructed a 16 foot by 10 foot tower of ladders in Los Angeles in 2007 at the Corey Helford Gallery. This is a shot of the tower I built from hand made ladders for the gallery. And that Charles Baudelaire on the wall behind it.

So when I saw this guy Charlie's work, I drooled over my screen. I had found my ladder porn..take a look at
Charlie Brouwer.
I naturally fell in love with this work. I mean, towers of ladders, houses filled with ladders, houses on his back! If you know anything about my work, you would understand why I am drawn to his georgeous constructions. If gives me such joy to find a kindred spirit creating these beautiful things. Please go visit his site.

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